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Black Gift Pouch

standard packaging Exclusive Collection
Black Gift Pouch

Tin Box

standard packaging Professional Collection and Royal Collection
Tin Box

Tin Box Packaging:
Available in square or round shape, depending on the watch model. Leather band styles are packed in the flat tin box, while stainless steel band and PU strap watches are packed in round tin box.

Pricing (net):

 Collection without imprint
with imprint

as of 1,50 € ea. (square)

as of 2,20 € ea. (round)

as of 2,00 € ea. (square) + 35,-€ Set-up

as of 2,70 € ea. (round) + 35,-€ Set-up 


0,50 € pc. + 35,-€ Set-up

included 0,50 € pc. + 35,-€ Set-up

Tin Box (with imprint)

Tin Box (with imprint)